Q & A

When you book me as your newborn photographer, I will send you a detailed PDF on how to prepare for the shoot and what to expect on the day. If you have any additional questions please get in touch and I will reply as soon as I can! roberta@photographybyroberta.co.uk     Click here for prices

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

An ideal time to book your newborn shoot is around the time of your last scan. It is good to book this early as newborn sessions take place 5-10 days after your babies birth.

How long do newborn sessions usually take?

Newborn sessions on average take between 2-4 hours. They can take a long time to complete as most of the photographs I take within a session is when baby is in a deep sleep; between feeds and cuddles.

Where will my session take place?

99% of newborn sessions take place within my studio in Grimsby town. If you would prefer that I visit your house, please let me know asap.

Where is your studio? Is there parking?

My studio is down a little indoor space named ‘Regent Arcade’. Located on Bethlehem Street in Grimsby town (not far from Grimsby train station). Unfortunately there is no car parking available and if you are visiting by car, using a sat-nav, I would advise having directions to a near car park. The train station or Duchess Street are the closest car parks within walking distance to the studio.

Will I be in any of the photographs?

I always suggest parents be in at least one photograph! Nobody else will have to see it and you can decide after viewing your photos whether it will be a keeper or not. You never know; it may end up being one of your favourites!

May I bring my other child/children along?

Of course! You will need to let me know beforehand who will be coming along. The long sessions can be boring for children, I will begin with family/sibling poses first and then I suggest a partner or friend take siblings away for the rest of the session or alternatively bring something to the studio which will keep them entertained.

How many photographs should I expect to receive?

On average, I edit and return 20-30 photographs.

When will I get to see my photographs?

I will have the photographs back to you within three weeks of your session, although most of the time they are done within two weeks. At the moment you will view these images online though a private online gallery. In the near future I will be holding viewing sessions in my studio.